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When you order a Dream Lottery ticket, it’s a WIN-WIN! Not only do you have the chance to WIN a prize, you WIN by helping London’s hospitals support excellent patient care for patients like Holly, Marah and Jill, whose stories are featured here…

Meet Holly...

…She experienced unbearable pain in her hip while working as a charge nurse at Erie Shores Healthcare. Diagnostic tests revealed a tear in her labrum. Holly had her surgery at LHSC’s new Surgi-Centre, and since the surgery, Holly has been working hard on recovery.

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Meet Marah...

…who spent five and a half months in Children’s Hospital battling Leukemia. Donors help fund life-enhancing programs, like Music Therapy, that introduced Marah to guitar and helped her through her long stay. Today, she is back home with her family and even has her own guitar!

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Meet Jill...

…who was devastated after being diagnosed with breast cancer. However, she had confidence in the Breast Care Program at St. Joseph’s Hospital. Thankfully, after a successful surgery and a short round of chemotherapy, she is back to being her old self. She looks forward to a long and healthy life thanks to the care she received.

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It’s a Win-Win!