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Meet Tyler...

Meet Tyler, an entrepreneur whose journey with depression began as a child. Four years ago after a suicide attempt, Tyler was admitted to LHSC’s mental health inpatient unit. Under the multi-faceted care of Dr. Hocke, Tyler was able to stabilize his moods and find a new sense of hope in life.

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Meet Tia...

Meet Tia, who underwent heart surgery at two years old for congenital heart defects. Donor support helps buy the equipment doctors need to ensure Tia’s heart is working as it should. Today, she is 9 years old and loves karate!

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Meet Kristin...

Kristin spent years in recovery after an incident on the soccer field left her with an acquired brain injury. Severe headaches, fatigue and dizziness made life extremely challenging for the outgoing mother of three. But with the help of her dedicated team at St. Joseph’s, Kristin learned to pace her rehabilitation and is able to enjoy life again.

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