Dream Lottery appreciates your support and want to make it easier for you to get tickets!

What does it mean to have a Dream Lottery Membership….

Members are on-going purchasers of Dream Lottery, supporting London’s hospitals, who opt in to pre-register their ticket order preferences for all future licenced Dream lotteries and agree to have their Dream Lottery tickets issued automatically at the commencement of all future Dream Lotteries


What are the benefits of Dream Lottery Membership?

  • Sign-up is easy, convenient and your order can be cancelled or changed at any time
  • Receive tickets early, at the commencement of all future Dream Lotteries
  • Guaranteed tickets for future Dream Lotteries, provided your membership stays in good standing
  • Never miss out on draws, as you will always receive your tickets before any draw deadlines have taken place
  • Dream Lotteries have sold out in the past, and becoming a member means you won’t miss out

How do I become a Member?

Membership can ben established when completing your order online or over the phone by calling 519-488-7100 or toll free 1-866-802-4117

Is there a fee to become a Member?

No. There is no fee to become a member and there is no commitment. You can cancel your membership at any time

How many Dream Lotteries are there?

Currently, there are two Dream Lotteries per calendar year – Fall & Spring

Do I receive prior notice before my credit card is charge and tickets allocated to me?

Yes. All Members receive notice approximately two weeks before their credit card is charged, and tickets are allocated. Members can amend their ticket order, credit card and personal details during this time if required

How do Members receive their tickets?

All Members with an eligible email address will receive their tickets electronically within 3-7 business days of their credit card being charged. For all Members without an email address, tickets will be sent via Canada Post upon their credit card being charged

Can I cancel my Membership?

Yes. Please call our customer service team at 1-866-319-9818 to cancel or change your membership options, or email [email protected] (note: please do not include any credit card information in your correspondence)

Can I get a refund for my Membership?

All requests for refunds will be honoured if the method of payment has been verified, and the corresponding ticket(s) have not already been included in any draws.

Can I update my Membership?

Yes. You can update your details at any time by calling our customer service team at 1-866-319-9818