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Robert Q Travel Certificate


$8,000 CASH

1 Winner
$10,000 Robert Q Travel Gift Certificate OR $8,000 CASH

How about taking that special someone to the city of love and romance…Paris, France! Stroll hand in hand along the picturesque streets or grab a picnic basket and make your way to Luxembourg Gardens! Paris, Greece, Italy…create your own most romantic date night with a $10,000 Robert Q Travel Certificate!

OR how about $8,000 cash to help create love in the air? You WIN, you CHOOSE!


a Month for a Year


$2,500 CASH

5 Winners
Date Nights for a Year

Can you remember the last time you went for a date night? We want to make sure you do with date nights for an entire year! Each month for a year, you can create the perfect date night with $250 cash…whether that’s going to your favourite restaurant or simply eating takeout by candlelight. No matter what you choose, you can create the perfect evening with that special someone!

If date nights aren’t your thing, that’s okay…simply take $2,500 cash instead!

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