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WIN a $10,000 Robert Q Gift Certificate to mark something off your bucket list! If you’re looking to let your mind flow like water, look no further!

Your opportunity to take a trip to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia to take a dip in the warm, salty waters of the Gulf on the Western Shore or catch a wave on the South Coast! Fill your days with ocean adventures like hiking, surfing, kayaking or just relaxing at the beach! Let the sounds of the ocean lull you to sleep and the rising sunset pave the way for a new adventure-filled day!

Want to go a bit further? How about Sicily, Italy the largest Mediterranean island offering exceptional beaches! The possibilities are endless with a dramatic coastline and variety of landscapes, there’s a beach for everyone from dazzling white cliff beaches to empty dune sands and pretty coves! Tropical white sand and the warm and bright transparent sea awaits!

Take $8,000 Cash!

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… or maybe a few! 99 winners can enjoy having their next few “Timmies” visits covered with a $100 Tim Hortons gift card