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Robert Q Travel Certificate


$8,000 CASH

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$10,000 Robert Q Travel Gift Certificate OR $8,000 CASH

Who else starts their day with a fresh cup of coffee? Producing one third of global coffee, it is certain that Brazil will provide you the world’s best coffee! Get ready to try Brazilian coffee, a flavour like no other from Arabica to Robusta, while enjoying the culture that surrounds you. With a $10,000 Robert Q Travel Certificate, you can, or you can plan your own getaway to anywhere you choose!

OR if travel and coffee is not your thing, that’s okay … simply take $8,000 cash instead!


Tim Hortons Gift Card


$800 CASH

5 Winners
Coffee for a Year!

Let us treat you to Canada’s favourite cup of coffee… FOR A YEAR with a $1,000 Tim Horton’s Gift Card to help satisfy coffee cravings! Whether you’re on your way to work or looking for a pick-me-up, we have you covered! Enjoy the taste of Tim Horton’s signature blend, a taste that has been satisfying Canadians since 1964!

Not a “Timmies” drinker? Not to worry, take the option of $800 cash instead!

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