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When you order a Dream ticket, it’s a WIN – WIN! Not only do you have the chance to WIN a prize, you WIN by helping London’s hospitals support excellent patient care for patients like Cole, Ales and Rashad, whose stories are featured here…

Meet Cole...

…who was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder that almost took his life. Donor support helps fund the Child Life Program that helped Cole cope with his illness. Today, he is 13 and thriving thanks to Children’s Hospital.

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Meet Ales...

…after two heart attacks, Ales figured that he would never swim competitively again. But through the Cardiac Rehabilitation and Secondary Prevention Program at St. Joseph’s Hospital he learned to control pain from his angina and rebuild his strength. Three years later, Ales competed in the Ontario Masters Swimming Championships where his daughters watched him take home several medals including a gold in the 200M butterfly.

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Meet Rashad...

…a hard working mid-thirties man, who suffered three seizures behind the wheel and multiple seizures nightly with absolutely no recollection. Rashad underwent two surgeries in the care of Dr. David Steven and assistance from the neuromate™, a surgical robot. Today, Rashad is on the road to recovery, suffering fewer seizures and hopeful he can get back to who he used to be.

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