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When you order a Dream Lottery ticket, it’s a WIN-WIN! Not only do you have the chance to WIN a prize, you WIN by helping London’s hospitals support excellent patient care for patients like Evie, Roger and Michael, whose stories are featured here…

Meet Evie...

…who has a life-long disease – Type 1 Diabetes. With the help of Child Life Specialists at Children’s Hospital, Evie and her family have all the skills they need for her to confidently manage her insulin and sugar levels throughout each day! Community-minded donors like you help fund life-enriching programs like Child Life that give our families the coping skills and medical knowledge to take charge of their care. With Child Life’s help, Evie can live her life fully knowing that she can successfully manage her diabetes.

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Meet Roger...

… who faced a difficult recovery from a stroke that impaired his mobility and speech. After months in the hospital, he was connected with Parkwood Institute’s Community Stroke Rehabilitation Team, which helped him pace his recovery and transition back into his home. Thanks to the care he received, Roger is now living a full life.

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Meet Michael...

…who faced his greatest challenge when diagnosed with a rare and often fatal form of pancreatic cancer earlier this year. His positive outlook never faltered though, thanks to the lifesaving work of the Baker Centre for Pancreatic Cancer. And now, he’s on the road to recovery.

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