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When you order a Dream ticket, it’s a WIN-WIN! Not only do you have the chance to WIN a prize, you WIN by helping London’s hospitals support excellent patient care for patients like Desiree, Stella and Dave, whose stories are featured here…

Meet Desiree...

…a talented young woman, who survived a fatal car accident that claimed the lives of her friend and dog. Desiree suffered extensive injuries, was in a coma for 21 days and spent 34 days in the Critical Care Trauma Centre (CCTC) at LHSC. Through donor funding, Desiree’s mother, Betty, was able to be by her side through the most critical hours of her recovery in the quiet rooms in the CCTC. Today, Desiree has had 24 surgeries and is making significant strides towards healing. Even though her recovery will be long and challenging, she is happy to be alive.

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Meet Stella...

…who conquered childhood cancer. Donors help fund life-enhancing programs, like Ollie the Therapeutic Clown, that kept her smiling even on her darkest days. Today, she is 6 years old and loves to do art!

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Meet Dave...

…a man who overcame a series of complicated health issues, that he once thought would claim his life. Poorly managed chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), heart failure and diabetes had converged to make every breath, every step, every task a hardship for Dave Garton. But the coming together of programs and specialties at St. Joseph’s Hospital for patients with multiple chronic illnesses has him singing again.

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