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When you order a Dream Lottery ticket, it’s a WIN-WIN! Not only do you have the chance to WIN a prize, you WIN by helping London’s hospitals support excellent patient care for patients like David, Lauren and Barbara, whose stories are featured here…

Meet David...

…who was dead, lying on the locker room floor, his heart arrested—full stop. But thanks to a pair of quick-thinking teammates and the fast response time of EMS, David found himself conscious at University Hospital, under the care of Dr. Michael Ward.

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Meet Lauren...

…her bravery beads are a record of her two years at Children’s Hospital, where she had the best possible care for her Leukemia. Expressive therapy programs like Child Life and Ollie the Therapeutic Clown helped Lauren feel comfortable even during scary procedures. Your generosity makes it possible for kids like Lauren and their families to go through their cancer journey without feeling alone. At Children’s, our kids have an entire expert team that becomes a part of the family. Lauren’s whole team celebrated when she was declared cancer-free!

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Meet Barbara...

…who is telling the world about the discovery of a tiny dot with big implications for women with dense breasts. If it wasn’t for contrast-enhanced mammography at St. Joseph’s Hospital, Barbara Moscovich’s breast cancer story would have a very different ending. The experience has made her an advocate for better screening for women with dense breasts.

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