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Menton, France

Located on the French Riviera, Menton France has a picturesque landscape of colourful architecture which surrounds the narrow streets of the old town and harbour. This hidden gem does not attract large crowds and is only a 10-minute drive to Italy! Enjoy a pleasant lunch in Italy and a delightful dinner in France … The best of both worlds. Make sure to check out the Orange and Lemons trees, grown all year around!

Manarola, Italy

Discover Manarola, the second smallest of the Cinque Terre villages located on the coast of Italy. This small fishing village looks like a postcard with its layered pastel coloured buildings lining the coastline of Vernazza. Take a stroll through the village and indulge in some delicious authentic Italian food while taking in the beautiful scenery that surrounds you! Don’t forget to explore the four other colourful villages, all within a short train ride apart.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Make your way to La Boca, one of many areas in Buenos Aires. This working-class area got their colourful landscape and materials from scrap materials from close by shipyards where they used leftover paint to create a visual treat for residents. Enjoy an afternoon gazing at the talented street artists and indulge in one of their delicious steakhouses situated near the Riachuelo River…. A destination waiting to be discovered!

Antigua, Guatemala

Buried in the hills of Southern Guatemala, Antigua is among a popular destination known for its scenery of volcanos surrounded by candy-coloured architecture that lines the cobblestone streets. This easy to navigate town is home to a booming coffee scene as well as unique boutiques that are ready to be discovered! Fun fact … Thanks to UNESCO, Antigua is now known as a world heritage site to ensure protection of its architecture and cultural legacy!

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