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Pig Beach, Bahamas

It is still a mystery as to how pigs ended up on the remote island of Bahamas. However, this island is now known as the official home of the swimming pigs! Book a day trip to visit these friendly animals as they swim in the clear waters and entertain you with their over friendly personalities. There are around 20 pigs and piglets on the beach just waiting to take a selfie with you!

Turtle Beach, Mexico

Make your way to Akumal Beach in Mexico where you will find numerous sea turtles that have made this area their home. Turtles travel far and wide to make their nests in the same place year over year and fortunately, Akumal Beach is one of them! Bring an underwater camera and capture some moments swimming with these lively creatures, and maybe if you’re lucky you’ll see some baby turtles adventuring into the ocean!

Monkey Beach, Thailand

Get ready for some monkey business! Located in Phi Phi Thailand, Monkey Beach is home to several monkeys that will entertain you and make you laugh! Seeing that this beach is only accessible by boat, you will be greeted the moment you make your way to shore as they thoroughly enjoy human interaction! Be cautious that they don’t steal your belongings and food… they are sneaky creatures!

Flamingo Beach, Aruba

Located 300 meters from the coast of Aruba, you will discover inhabited flamingos lining the crystal blue waters on Renaissance Island. Spend the day catching some rays while surrounded by these beautiful birds just waiting for you to take their picture! Flamingos are known to be relaxed and comfortable around humans so don’t be surprised if you have an unexpected guest wanting some food at lunchtime!

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