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Known as a popular attraction in cities across Japan, “Winter Illuminations” can been seen throughout all of Tokyo during the festive months. Get ready to get lost in a winter wonderland as you discover many different competitive light displays that are sure to brighten your day!


Each year off the coast of Italy, the port city of Salerno lights up along the streets and squares for “Luci d’Artista”, a festival where each year features different displays including the night sky, an illuminated zoo and lemon tree shaped lights!


Setting a world record for the most lights on an artificial Christmas Tree in 2014, Canberra continues to feature 65 Christmas trees under a canopy of lights along with other fun holiday activities to be enjoyed by the entire family!


Love the holidays but don’t like the cold? Journey to Mexico for “Luztopia”, a yearly display of 15,500 lights and 200 gigantic illuminated figures. This festivity can be found along the canal-side of the city’s Paseo de Santa Lucia!


Along the coast of France, Nice is filled with holiday spirit and festive decorations seen throughout The Promenade Des Anglais. Furthermore, the Village de Noël features all the lights, entertainment, food and shops that will not disappoint!


Tivoli Gardens, one of Copenhagens beautiful attractions takes part in the holiday spirit and has become a local tradition for both locals and tourists. Watch the extravagant light shows and fireworks that fills the night sky taking place between Christmas and New Year’s!