Dream Escape


Mazda3 GS



Honda Fit LX-HS


$20,000 CASH!

Get ready to drive a Pfaff Mazda, Mazda3 GS, a car at the centre of attention due to its unique design and various capabilities. This vehicle outperforms on exterior features from its distinctive stance and striking grille to its dramatic front-lighting. The beauty continues in the interior which has been designed as a work of art. Entertain, communicate and navigate with Mazda Connect, an advanced system with countless functions that can be accessed through the centre console. Are you ready to make the switch?


Looking for a one size fits all vehicle? Look no further than the Westgate Honda, Honda Fit! This vehicle comes fully loaded and has been designed with space in mind. Let the Fit takeover with Honda sensing technologies designed for a safer drive experience with fuel efficiency adventures. Continue to be connected to the outside world with technological features such as Apple & Android Car Play, systems embedded right into your console display. Are you ready to make it your Honda?


Not in the market for a new vehicle or had something else in mind? $20,000 should do the trick!

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