Millstone SilverLeaf Dream Home

Grand Prize Option #1

As you approach the newest dream home by Millstone Homes of London, it becomes clear that this home is unlike any other in the city. The tug-of-war between the modern architecture and classic finishes provides interest and intrigue. This home is the ideal combination of clean design and warm touches. Juxtaposing the sharp elements with layers of soft textures, this home has something to appeal to everyone. Each room has been carefully designed to provide an experience of casual luxury. Minimalism, texture and warmth were the guiding principles employed to convey a home experience new to London.

Furnishings by Modern Living London
Architectural Designs by Matter Architectural Studio
Interior Designs by Angela Bobanovic Design and Red Acorn Studio

Prize Package Valued at $1,800,000.00

Millstone Silverleaf Dream Home

7375 Silver Creek Circle,
London, Ontario
N6P 1K4
Dream Home Hours
  • Dream Home Now Closed


What is the square footage of the Millstone Silverleaf Dream Home?

Total Sq. Ft. (Not Including Garage Area) – 5,120 sq. ft.

  • 1,605 sq. ft. – Main Floor Area
  • 2,075 sq. ft. – 2nd Floor Area
  • 1,440 sq. ft. – Unfinished Basement
  • 632 sq. ft. – Garage Area

What are the property taxes per year?

Property taxes are assessed by the city once the new home owner moves in

What is included with the Millstone Silverleaf Dream Home?

The Millstone Silverleaf Dream Home comes fully furnished

What is the total value of the Millstone Silverleaf Dream Home prize package?

The total value for the Millstone Silverleaf Dream Home prize package is $1,800,000.00